Submitting a Proposal at Truman State University

University Policies on Grantwriting

The faculty, staff and administration of Truman State University are encouraged to obtain external funding in the form of grants for various projects and programs.  This funding allows the University to carry out its objectives more adequately and to expand and enhance the variety of opportunities available in the University community.

Grants are not to be sought, however, merely for the sake of receiving a grant but rather for the purpose of generally advancing the programs of the institution which are in keeping with its goals and consistent with long-range planning.

Only those grants should be sought which are within the competence and resources of the University to manage.

Grants requiring increases in staff or other financial obligations should be undertaken onlywith the prior approval of the appropriate administrative entity, and only if the University will not be committed beyond the term of the grant.

Any member of the faculty, staff or administration may respond to a grant writing opportunity.  Contact with a funding source should be made in coordination with the Office of Grants and Foundation Relations so that duplication of contacts can be avoided and so that information can be shared.

No formal proposal may be submitted to any outside agency without final administrative approval as outlined in the section titled “University Review Procedure.”  Any proposal submitted without this approval will be withdrawn.